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Late G.N.Sapkal College of Engineering

(Permanently Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University & Approved by AICTE)
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Laboratory of Applied Science

The department of Applied Science has senior, experienced and highly qualified staff in all areas of specializations. It includes the subjects like Physics, chemistry and Mathematics. These subjects are mainly concerned with first year degree engineering course. The basic sciences are very important subjects in the field of engineering and they form a good base for four year degree engineering course of different branches. Applied science department has the following laboratories:

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Physics Lab

1. Ultrasonic Interferometer
2. Michelson Interferometer
3. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
4. Digital Gauss meter
5. Polarimeter
6. Signal Generator

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Chemistry Lab

Lab Incharge : Prof.K.A.Patil
Total area of lab : 223 square meter
Location : Main Engineering Building
Instruments :
1. Muffle Furnaces
2. Hot air Oven
3. Digital Balance
4. Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter
5. Digital PH Meter
6. Conductivity Meter
7. Magnetic Stirrer
8. Distallation Unit
9. Kipps apparatus
10. Periodic table
11. Incubetor
12. Vaccum Pump
13. Daniel Cell
14. Water Bath
15. Analyical balance

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