Kalyani Charitable Trust's
Late G.N.Sapkal College of Engineering

(Permanently Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University & Approved by AICTE)
*Learn, Research, Develope & Revolutionize*

Laboratory of Civil Engineering

skh engineering

1. Computer Laboratory

1.Lenevo.M70 Intel Core 2 Duo,@2.93GHz,4GB & DDR3 RAM, 320GB of HDD, Intel G41 Chipset Mother Board 18.5',LCD Monitor &Standard Keyboard, Optical Scroll Mouse.
2. Desktop Lenovo TFT 18.5' Lenovo
3. Printer Wipro LQDSI-5235
4. Patch panel 24Port Cat6
5. Switch 10/100
6. Rack 15U Accessories

skh engineering

2. Engineering Geology Laboratory

1.Rock set
2.Model of Stock & Doss
3.Mineral Specimen And Ore Specimen
4.Model Showing Strike Valley & Dam Site
5.Model Showing Tunnel Section
6.Different Geological And Geographical Maps
7.Rain Gauge Self-recording
8.The Earth Layer Model (EL001)
9.Model showing Arch Dam

skh engineering

3. Environmental Laboratory

1.B.O.D Incubator
3.C.O.D Digestion Apparatus
4.Flame Photometer
5.Hot air oven with sensor chamber
6.Spectro Photometer
7.Turbidity Meter
8.Conductivity Meter
9.Medical Microscope

skh engineering

4. Transportation Laboratory

1.Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
2.Ductility Testing Machine
3.Marshall Stability Test Apparatus.
4.Aggregate Impact Tester
5.Standard Penetrometer
6.Pensky Marten Flash Point Apprtus
7.Bitumen Extractor
8.Ring And Ball Apparatus

skh engineering

5. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

1.Open Channel Flume
2.Pressure Measuring Devices
3.Discharge Measuring Devices-Orificemeter and Venturimeter
4.Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
5.Impact Of Jet
6.Flow over Notches Apparatus
7.Friction in pipes Fitting (Minor & Major losses)
8.Bernoulli’s Apparatus
9.Pelton Wheel Turbine

skh engineering

6. Concrete Technology Laboratory

1.Ultrasonic Pulse velocity Tester Model
2.Concrete permeability Testers
3.Density Baskect
4.Compaction Factors Apparatus
5.Vibrating Table, Top,1mx1m new Model
6.Sieve Shaker Motorized With Digital-timer
7.Slump test Apparatus with Taming Rod
8.Vcat Apparatus with Dashpot
9.Sieve Se

skh engineering

7. Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

1.Law of Restitution with different balls
2.Parallel force apparatus ( 2beam withdual balance & weight set)
3.Leveling staff aluminum 4 slide 4mtr
4.Space Force Apparatus with Weight Set
5.Worm & Worm Wheel
7.Curvilinear motion setup
8.Movement of Inertia & Torsional Pendulum

skh engineering

8. Survey Laboratory

1.Nikon Total Station Model DTM 322
2.Nikon Automatic level (Model Ac-25,360 Degree with plumb in Plastic carry Set)
3.Spectra Precision LL300 Laser Level with Cr 600 Cambo receiver & C 59 Rod Clamp,C51 Magnetic mount
4.Nikon Electronic Digital Theodolite Model NE-103 with levelling base Type W-10
5.Nautical Sextant (Packed in wooden box)
6.Plane Table Set (with stand, board & all accessorise)
7.Dumpy Leval-DL-9 (supplied with Aluminium Stand
8.Movement of Inertia & Torsional Pendulum
9.Pocket Stereoscope

skh engineering

9. Geotechnical Laboratory

1. C. B. R. Test Apparatus
2. Direct Shear Test Apparatus
3. Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
4. Vane Shear Testing Machine
5. Constant Head Permeability Test
6. Falling Head Permeability Test
7. Standard Proctor Test
8. Triaxial Test
9. Casagrande’s Liquide Limit Device
10. Automatic Proctor

skh engineering


Capasity of students: 60

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skh engineering